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Harry’s Holiday 2016

We make it well. You make it special.

This year, we introduced five holiday gift sets as well as a limited edition midnight blue Winter Winston handle. In presenting our new offerings, we wanted to convey that while Harry’s sells quality sets, it’s really you, the gift giver, that makes them special. The results of the campaign have caused set sellouts and increased engagement across the digital space.


Web & App

Our holiday campaign is focused on channeling the thoughtful moment of considering, preparing and wrapping gifts for the holidays. The visuals are focused on a workstation – a desk overrun by wrapping paper, ribbons and presents. Here we created a more personal setting – one to which our customers could relate. We highlighted the paper folds, ribbon curls and most importantly, our holiday shave bundles through color palette, tonal lighting and crops. Ultimately, our goal throughout the web experience was to show that our quality grooming products can be made special to give by you.



Our holiday email series sought to show our customers that Harry's shaving sets are not just practical, but also gift worthy. Throughout the series, we've seen open rates as high as 50%. We launched our Winter Winston handle and set along with our larger, holiday specific bundles, driving increased site traffic and set sell outs.



Our social content further illustrates our holiday narrative of offering quality products and going the extra mile for your loved ones. We took visual cues from web while also emphasizing our limited edition midnight blue Winter Winston razor in the context of the holiday season.




Art Direction: Cynthia Ratsabouth Content & Strategy:  Lorna Peters, Jeff Tracy, Katie Donham, Therese Hummer Copy: Dan Carroll Design: Adrien Grey, Anora Collier, Brandon Nickerson, Garrett Morin Photography: Mark Sanders, Amanda Hakan Production: Winnie Jeng, Kyle Cowser Prop Stylist: JoJo Li


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