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Harry’s Next Generation Email Series

After the original launch of Harry’s products, we immediately started iterating on the next generation of blades and handles based on customer feedback. Fast forward to a few years later, and we were ready to release our best products to date.

Our Next Generation emails include our two highest grossing emails yet, and the entire series performed as a great win-back tool with customers who weren’t ready to stay with us the first time around. We even discovered that the series as a whole had a greater impact than the sum of it’s parts (yes, we tested it).

Art Direction: Elsa Chiao
Design: Adrien Grey, Anora Collier
Strategy: Katie Donham, Rahil Esmail



Truman Handle Launch

First, we released our new Truman handle with a new shape, grip and updated functionality.


Blades Teaser

We wanted to tease out the launch of our next generation razor blades, so we sent a teaser email to get our customers excited.


Blades Launch

We launched our blades with a bang, using animated gifs to showcase the features our customers had been waiting for.


Winston Handle Launch

Last, but not least, we released our beautiful new Winston handle that feels as special as it looks.


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