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Harry’s: A Closer Look

After the original launch of Harry’s products, we immediately started iterating on the next generation of blades and handles based on customer feedback. Fast forward to a few years later, and we were ready to release our best products to date. The following is a snapshot of how we chose to share it.



As a company that does most of our business online, our biggest release needed a special home on the web where we could share all the exciting details with our customers. Working with an incredible team, we tried to bring the product to life by allowing customers to truly take a closer look.



Just like online, we wanted an immersive experience for our customers to engage with on Instagram. In this case, we wanted to leverage the authenticity of the platform and showcase a fresh take on the campaign—showing more about the people and processes behind our best shave ever.

By creating a bunch of accounts and using tags, we built layers of content, which created a website-like experience in the app.



Our Next Generation emails include our two highest grossing emails yet, and the entire series performed as a great win-back tool with customers who weren’t ready to stay with us the first time around. We even discovered that the series as a whole had a greater impact than the sum of it’s parts (yes, we tested it).


Digital Ads

For those that aren’t familiar with our brand, we wanted to reach out with a targeted message that still touched on some of our exciting new features.



Art Direction: Elsa Chiao Content & Strategy: Jeff Tracy, Jon Goldmann, Katie Donham, Rahil Esmail, Therese Hummer Copy: Dan Carroll, David Patrikios Design: Adrien Grey, Anora Collier, Brandon Nickerson, Fiona Greenwood, Garrett Morin Development: David Gross Photography: Marshall Troy Production: Jackie O'Sullivan, Kyle Cowser Renders & Animation: ManvsMachine


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